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A Wish Come True has affordable and unique lyrical dresses and outfits for your teen dancers at their recital. Shop quality American-made dance costumes today!

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    V2717N Kiss from a Rose
    V2594 Send Me on My Way
    V2468 The Aloof
    23010Y Just for Me
    V2685 State Lines
    V2484N Life of the Party
    V2735 You Set Me Free
    V2681 Strawberry Field
    V2412Y Teach Me How
    V2456 Bleeding Love
    V2694 Lightweight
    V2711 Secret Love Story
    V2690 Lose You to Love Me
    V2647 Mad World
    V2679 A Sweeter Place
    V2688 Alive
    V2691 Hurricane
    V2421 I Mean to Be
    V2692 Runaway
    V2597 Ocean
    V2689 Wheres My Love
    V2625 Smokestacks
    V2358Y Shadow Wind

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