Sparkle Smart

Our Sparkle Smart label was created to help you shop for the right costumes for you at the right price. Find all color and styles, from character, ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz and more. Sparkle Smart styles are made with the same high quality and dependable fit you've come to expect from A Wish Come True.

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    24224 I See the Light
    857 Portrait
    24047Y Wind the Bobbin
    21733N Where Lost Things Go
    2V2514Y Any Dream Will Do
    22991 Im Lost
    19129 Castles
    22971 Dancing Dolls
    19318 The Light
    21875 Dreamworld Short Tutu
    2V2550Y Say Hello to the Sun
    22968 Little Miss Ballet
    22044 Concerto
    22966 Let It Grow Short Tutu
    22012 Vivaldi Short
    22050 My Moment
    23139 In My Arms
    22005 Find a Way
    23138 All the Raindrops
    H490Y Winter Song
    23035Y Twelve Waltzes
    23009Y Precious
    23004Y Party in the USA
    24259 Sunday Clothes
    2V2246Y Yankee Doodle
    2V2098Y Animal Crackers
    24188 Cheek to Cheek
    22992 Shining Star
    V2623 Almost There
    24189 Butter
    22974 Dimples
    24298 You Make Me Happy
    24191 Can't Stop the Feeling
    18921Y Havana
    22942 Strike Up the Band
    23112 Bigger is Better
    22969 Sunshine Day
    21671 Flock Together

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