Tap & Jazz

Put on your tap shoes & start a revolution because A Wish Come True has all the dance costumes your performers need. Outfit teen jazz or kids first recitals now!

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    23173N Encore
    23037Y Glamour Girl
    21863 Rock this Town
    21891 Do My Thing Boy Top
    24280 Gonna Shine
    24342 Gonna Shine Guy Tank
    676 Applause
    24148Y Don't Call Me Baby
    24106Y Jump to the Rhythm
    24286 Venus
    24243 Marry You
    23055 Im a Lady
    24049Y Our Time is Here
    23H561 A Rockin Time
    24043Y Roll Up
    2V2110Y Starlight Express
    22941 Balanco Carioca
    24281 Simply the Best
    23081Y Clap Your Hands
    24105Y Shook
    19240Y Breakin Dishes
    24113Y Get the Party Started
    19221 Multicolor Sequin Guy Shirt
    24132Y Don't Stop Me Now
    H590 Just Having Some Fun
    23016 Whos That Knocking
    18978Y Reet Petite
    24213 You Should Be Dancing
    24234 Best Friend
    24120Y Dancin By Myself
    24062Y Focus
    24222 Dime
    24337 Dime Guy Top
    24181 Outta This World
    24095Y Church Clap
    24091 Strut
    23133 Checked Guy Top
    21665 Finish Line
    22981 5 Fingaz
    24097 Barbie Girl

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