Tap & Jazz

Tap & Jazz dance costumes in-stock and on sale up to 65% off. Amazing costume deals for solo, duet and trio performances. Quantities are limited. Orders must be paid in full to ship. Items ship within 5 business days of order. Colors may vary and costumes do not always include accessories shown in picture. NO RETURNS!

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    11571C Child Crinoline
    V2251Y Dance Magic
    19191 Hello
    V2306Y Blue Skies
    13913 Heads Will Roll
    V2034Y Sing Sing Sing
    S206 Nyc Rooftops
    S147 Body Language
    V2260Y Lets Go
    V1935 Do Your Thing
    V1446 My Kind Of Guy
    20564 Greedy
    V2272Y Nyc Rooftops
    S145 Fireball
    S226 Cantos
    S136 Outside
    S202 Paramour
    16119 Gimme Gimme
    S135 Look At You
    14592HP Light Em Up W/Hot Pant
    S224 Some People
    V2297 Riptide
    17584SK Free Backskirt
    V1245 Make Me Over
    V1455 Hands Up
    14631 Love U Betta
    V1559HP Let'S Go Crazy Hot Pants
    15091 All Of Me
    S203 Luck Be A Lady
    V2240N These Boots
    16152 A Day In The Life
    S195 Vai Vedrai
    V2289 Feelin Good
    V2379 Oh Yes
    13992 It Dont Mean A Thing
    15963 Le Jazz Hot
    H530 Party Like Its 1999

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