Tap & Jazz

Tap & Jazz dance costumes in-stock and on sale up to 65% off. Amazing costume deals for solo, duet and trio performances. Quantities are limited. Orders must be paid in full to ship. Items ship within 5 business days of order. Colors may vary and costumes do not always include accessories shown in picture. NO RETURNS!

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    V2567 Floor Control
    V2566 Lets Go Crazy
    V2308Y Swing Beats
    V2573 Wanna Dance with Somebody
    V2251Y Dance Magic
    19191 Hello
    V2306Y Blue Skies
    V2120Y La Cadera
    732 42nd Street
    V2413Y Crocodile Rock
    V2130 Glacier
    13913 Heads Will Roll
    727 Raise the Roof
    V2428 Weird Science
    V2430 Everything I Wanted
    V2489 High Life
    V2487 Too Darn Hot
    V2497 Boom Boom
    V2570 Mission Impossible
    V2034Y Sing Sing Sing
    V2478 Weathered
    V2580 Fancy Pants
    788 Dance to the Music
    V2595 Days of Wild
    S206 Nyc Rooftops
    V2588 The Beat Goes On
    V2561 Don't Stop the Music
    V2529 Independent Woman
    V2596 No Excuse
    V2520 Rhythm of Life
    V2590 Scat Like That
    746 Then What
    846 Ignite
    V2593 Sea Glass
    S147 Body Language
    V2260Y Lets Go
    843 Love is a Crime
    V1935 Do Your Thing
    838 Hotter Than Hot

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