Team Spirit

Affordable, USA made, dance team uniforms for All Star, cheer, pom, drill and high kick. Plus, custom printed warm-ups & practice wear. With our TrueColors™ design tools, A Wish Come True makes customizing fast and easy.

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    T2267 Cold Shoulder Leotard
    T2238 United Guy Shirt
    T2232 United Leotard
    T2178N Dream Leotard
    T2143 Diva
    T2188 Broadway Dress
    T2189 Broadway Crop Top
    T2254 Drip Dress
    T2274 Collegiate Dress
    T2184 Warrior
    T2151 Bounds
    T2276 Champs
    T2264 Strike
    T1752 Fierce
    T2199 Achieve
    T1900 Teamwork
    T2277 Aspire Dress
    T1563N Get Fired Up
    T2230 Get Fired Up Guy Top
    T2185 Rookie
    T2201 Synergy Dress
    T2024 Pinnacle
    T1911N Flying High Shortall
    T2258 Spandex Mock Neck Crop Top
    T2257 Strappy Dress
    T2182N Tribe Dress
    T2181N Tribe Fringe Leotard
    T2161 Dynamite
    T2253 Drumroll Tunic
    T2255 The Drumming Song Leotard
    T1831 Lone Star Dress
    T2064 Legacy Overlay
    T2062 Sequin Belt
    T2063 Legacy Leotard
    T2266 Dolly Crop Top
    T2266P Dolly Leggings
    T2265 Finale Leotard
    T2280 Strike Out Leotard
    T2279 Strike Out Shortall
    T2278 Strike Out Unitard

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