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    25386 Luminary Mid-Length
    25387 Luminary Platter
    25388 Luminary Guy Vest
    25030Y Fairy Fountain
    H612Y Floral Waltz
    25367 Dolly Suite Mid-Length
    24035Y Les Roses
    24094Y River Flows
    2V2118Y Symphony
    25357 Every Wish Mid-Length
    23026Y Minuet
    24112Y Pastoral
    23063Y Clair de Lune
    25362 Inspired
    24349 Danse Antique
    24087Y Dawn
    25067Y Waltz for a Ball
    24285 Dream of Me
    25144Y Spring Waltz
    H610 Winter Waltz Mid-Length
    H611 Winter Waltz Platter
    25069Y Midnight Waltz
    25001Y Rococo
    25009Y Fantasia
    25219 Queen of the Night
    24142N Swan Song
    25392 I Wanted to Leave
    24236N Polonaise Mid-Length
    23034Y Belle
    24069Y Ribbon Dance
    25337 Dance of the Peasants
    24340 Foil Scroll Velvet Vest
    24288N Kissing You
    25175Y Perfectly Wrong
    25106Y City of Stars

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