Value Little Stars

Dress up your little stars in A Wish Come True’s ballet, tap & jazz dance costumes. Designed to enhance your dancer’s recital performance. Browse the collection now!

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    V2768 A Dream is a Wish
    2V2521Y All I Need
    V2770 Be a Light
    V2791 Bubbly
    V2781 Le Festin
    V2806 Love You For It All
    2V2550Y Say Hello to the Sun
    V2736 Somewhere Out There
    V2703 All About Us
    V2740 All is Found
    24232 Back Home
    V2803 By the Sea
    V2612 Do Re Mi
    V2713 I Know a Place
    V2720 Ma Belle
    V2492 My Magic Tutu
    V2715 The Way You Look
    V2726 Blue Sky
    V2154 Dancing Fool
    V2779 Dancing in the Street
    V2797 Elegance
    V2769 Funkytown
    V2730 Golden Girl
    V2795 Goody Goody
    V2618 Name of Love
    V2721 What Means the Most
    V2809 Dancing Crazy
    V2627 Dig a Litter Deeper
    V2773 Don't Slack
    V2699 Get Your Sparkle On
    V2107 Just a Jitter
    V2762 Kiss the Girl
    V2750 So Many Colors
    V2700 Wish Now
    V2751 You are the Magic
    V2820 Confetti
    V2568 Fifty Great
    V2777 Fun Fun Fun
    V2815 Heart to Break
    V2829 It Had to Be You

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