Value Little Stars

Dress up your little stars in A Wish Come True’s ballet, tap & jazz dance costumes. Designed to enhance your dancer’s recital performance. Browse the collection now!

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    V2737 SUGAR TOWN
    V2632N A Fairy Happy Day
    V2492 My Magic Tutu
    V2740 All is Found
    V2721 What Means the Most
    V2426N A Million Dreams
    V2404 Where Are You
    V2720 Ma Belle
    V2736 Somewhere Out There
    V2650 Little Ballerina
    V2653 Spoonful of Sugar
    V2713 I Know a Place
    V2583 Sweet Pea
    V2612 Do Re Mi
    V2603 Golden Afternoon
    V2703 All About Us
    V2644 Daffodil
    V2541 Little Fancy
    698 Sing a Rainbow
    V2715 The Way You Look
    V2704 Close to You
    V2748 Cover Me in Sunshine
    V2425 Crazy Little Thing
    V2107 Just a Jitter
    V2154 Dancing Fool
    V2701 Good Time
    V2627 Dig a Litter Deeper
    V2643N I Love to Sing
    V2729 This Will Be
    V2702 If I Had Magic
    V2723 Kids Are Born Stars
    V2560 That Face
    V2741 Daisies
    V2699 Get Your Sparkle On
    V2695 What If I Shine
    V2733 Best Thing
    V2738 Dance with Me Tonight
    V2696 Groove is in the Heart
    V2732 Come Dance with Me
    V2705 Wildside

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