Clearance guys dance costumes are in sale & in-stock. Amazing deals for boys in any performance. Quantities, as well as color and size options, are very limited, so please order with care. Orders must be paid in full to ship. Items ship within 5 business days of order. Styles are not guaranteed to ship as shown in pictures. NO RETURNS!

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    19277 Drippin Finesse Guy Top
    18895 Another Day Of Sun Guy
    11353PN Camo Shorts
    23133P Checked Guy Pants
    15985 Creased Spandex Tank Top
    19278 Crushed Velvet Guy Tank
    19252ND Dangerous Guy
    16126 Do My Step Guy
    21891 Do My Thing Boy Top
    22066 Entertain You Guy
    15863P Fancy Guy Pants
    19276 Faux Leather Guy Shirt
    19345 Flat Foil Sleeveless Shirt
    17474 Flex Guy
    18016 Good Enough Guy Top
    7006D Guy'S Cargo Pants
    H565 High Top Shoes Guy Top
    545G Hit By Lightning Guy Top
    V2188G Holdin Me Back Guy Top
    20403 I Work Out Guy
    17494P It'S Tricky Guy Pant
    19354 Kingdom Fall Guy Tank
    20367P Lanes Guy Pants
    20367 Lanes Guy Top
    17779 Matte Sequin Guy Shirt
    16324 Novelty Vinyl Guy Jacket
    598 On The Court Guy
    16393 Replay Guy
    18017 Seq Mesh Guy Shirt
    18014 Sequin Guy Shirt
    13148 Sequin Mesh Guy Shirt
    12743 Sequin Placket Guy Shirt
    G704 Spandex Crop Pants
    16176 Speed Racer Guy Shirt
    777 Speedway Guy Top
    20406P Terry & Lame Guy Pants
    21894 The Lioness Hunt Guy Top

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