First Recital

Dress up first recital dancers in ballet, tap or jazz dance costumes. A Wish Come True has quality USA-made styles for your routine. Shop the clearance sale now!

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    V2388Y No Brainer
    V2588 The Beat Goes On
    22995 Take a Bow
    V2572 Minnie's Yoo Hoo
    V2569 Don't You Worry
    V2587 Reflection
    V2555 Little Tap Shoes
    V2573 Wanna Dance with Somebody
    V2557 Diddle Diddle Swing
    V2368Y Gitchee Goo
    V2482 Lemonade Stand
    V2496N Play Your Part
    22050 My Moment
    23003 Shake the Room
    V2620 Kick Push
    18066 Evermore
    2V2366Y Wildest Dreams 2 in 1
    19260 Write Your Name Leotard
    V2367Y Thanks a Bunch
    V2335 When You Dream Leotard
    22951 Peggy Sue
    21733N Where Lost Things Go
    20448N Something There Short
    23061 Moon River
    V2139Y So Bright
    23028Y This is Me
    19084 Be Awesome
    22975 Beautiful Light
    23068 Keep on Dancing
    V2235 Big Time
    V2584 Some Things Never Change
    22012 Vivaldi Short
    H310 Rejoice
    20427 Whistle Leotard
    2V2261Y Oh What Wonders
    751N Unicorn Song
    V2602 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
    V2659 Fairy Dust
    V2600 Spring Song

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