Character dance costumes in-stock and on sale up to 65% off. Amazing costume deals for solo, duet and trio performances. Quantities are limited. Orders must be paid in full to ship. Items ship within 5 business days of order. Colors may vary and costumes do not always include accessories shown in picture. NO RETURNS!

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    766 Love Shack
    V2609 Groovin
    V2477 Groovy
    V2634 Lets Be Superheroes
    V2292YN Remix
    11455 Hey Mickey
    21739 Keystone Cops
    18927ND Last Unicorn
    23130 Like it Here
    22929 The Looking Glass
    10054Y Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
    2V2318Y Anchors Aweigh
    418 Forties
    5079 Speed Racer
    23175 Sunshine of Your Love
    793 Doctor Doctor
    17520Y Extra Extra
    22924Y Found My Place
    19247 Fright Song
    853N Hard Knock Life
    20514 Heart of Texas
    22948 Sanity
    21777 Spice Up Your Life
    S250 Metamorphosis
    20445N Rags to Riches Convertible
    21707 Sea Cruise
    19122 The Greatest Showman
    15723N Zebra
    21683 Spider Man
    21695 Spider Man Guy
    21729 Cabin Fever
    20447 Doing Time Guy Top
    21816Y JAI HO
    22914N Let Them Eat Cake
    21762 The Lioness Hunt
    762 My Shot
    760ND Ten Duel Commandments
    761D Ten Duel Commandments Guys
    20420 Catchy Song
    17591 Satisfied

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