Welcome Australian & New Zealand Customers



Will I pay in US or Australian dollars?

You will be charged in full for the merchandise in US dollars, less any earned volume discount at the time the order is placed. For more details on volume discounts click here. The discount does not apply to shipping fees, tax or duty.

What costumes are eligible for discounts?

Costumes that are PAID IN FULL at the time of ordering from the Dance and Holiday catalogues are eligible for a discount depending on the amount you spend. For more details on volume discounts click here.

What will shipping/postage cost?

Orders will ship directly from our US factory to your studio in Australia/NZ.
Your shipping/postage costs WILL NOT show at the time of ordering. Your postage costs will be calculated and charged at a later date once your order is ready to ship. You will be emailed the shipping amount in US dollars before your card is charged for shipping. (We are currently shipping via UPS. Please note: this is not the Mail Innovations sub-division that caused freight issues last year. We have used UPS to ship to StageGear successfully for the last 15 years. We are also investigating other shipping methods and will update you as we solidify other shippers.)

What about GST and duty?

Your order will automatically be charged the 10% GST at the time your order is placed. Duty will need to be paid by you directly to the shipper. (We are currently shipping via UPS.) The shipper will contact you regarding any duty due when the order arrives at Australian customs.

What if I am exempt from paying GST?

Please forward your ABN certification for GST exemption to international@awishcometrue.com. Please do this prior to ordering so your account can be exempted from taxes. If your exemption paperwork is received after the order and GST has been charged, you will need to claim when you file your taxes to get your refund.

What saves me more money, placing multiple orders under $1,000 AUD or one large order?

Completed orders will ship early when ready meaning orders could ship to you on the same day. In this instance, customs may group the value of your orders together upon entry into the country.
It's important to note that placing multiple smaller orders will result in significantly higher freight costs charged to you than if you had just placed one large order. The increased freight cost is likely to be higher than any saving you would receive by not paying the 5% import duty and clearance fees.
All GST registered studios purchasing merchandise for their business can claim back the GST that customs may charge at the border (the GST is claimed back via your BAS).

How long will production take?

You can see the estimated delivery time frame for all individual styles on the website. Orders that are 100% 'in-stock' items will ship within 7 days. Orders that require some/all pieces to be sewn, will require up to 8 weeks if ordered between July-October. If you require special accommodation regarding ship dates please call or email the AWCT office. Please remember our ship dates will always appear as month/day/year and are the approximate date your order will leave our warehouse in the US.

How do I get access to online pricing?

Online pricing and ordering are only available to verified studio owners. Click here to apply to become a customer.

Can I view the new catalogs?

Yes, you can view all our current online catalogues here.

What if I want to change my shipping address?

You can add or change a shipping address online but please email or place in comments that this is a new or a one-time ship address. We are still perfecting our shipping and want to be sure the changes to your address you made online are reflected on your order to ensure proper shipping.

Can I create a custom design?

Unfortunately, we are not accepting custom designs at this time.

What do I do if I have more questions or concerns?

You can contact us directly at international@awishcometrue.com or call + 1 800 755 2248 (we are located in Bristol, PA, US and are open 8am-4pm EST Monday-Thursday; 8am -12pm EST Friday) with any questions or concerns.