A Wish Come True Costume Showcase

Be the first to see our NEW 2023 Dance Costume Collection! Schedule an in-person or virtual appointment today.


Make a personalized appointment to shop our full costume collection in person in the privacy of our A Wish Come True showroom.

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Make a virtual appointment to shop our full costume collection from the privacy of your home or studio. Invite your staff to a private Zoom call where a Wish personal shopper will present the collection based on your objectives.

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You pick the date!

August 15 - 26, 2021


A Wish Come True
2530 Pearl Buck Rd
Bristol, PA 19007




What will the virtual event be like?

The virtual event will be tailored to you. You will be shipped a show packet before your appointment, which will include a pre-release of the newest catalogs and some fun promo items. Our personal shoppers will answer any costume question you have and will show you any costume you’d like, just like an in-person show. Our staff can also take you on a personalized tour through our offices and factory!

Who can I bring to the event?

You may bring a small group of staff to online and in-person shows. We encourage studio owners, teachers and office and costume managers to attend. Please be aware Confidential Pricing will be shared at these events.

Are you offering a show credit or discount this year?

Yes, you will receive a $100 credit for attending a show. The credit is one-time use and one per studio.

How do I sign up?

Pick your date and time for an in-person appointment here.

Pick your date and time for a virtual appointment here.

Questions? Email us at wishweb@awishcometrue.com or call 1-800-755-2248.